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Word Pop Art DIY …inspired by Ed Ruscha

Word Pop Art DIY …inspired by Ed Ruscha

eat and be merry canvases+DIY art+spray painted canvases+word art

These will hang in our dining room, on either side of the window.

DIY word art materials needed

* Two pre-stretched and pre-treated canvases{I used 20″ x 16″}
* Words via computer/printer {you can use my templates here}
* Scissors & Double Sided Tape{I found the dispenser double stick was better}
* Spray paint color of your choice {I used black}. If you want the overspray on the letters as I did, go with spray paint. You can also use acrylic or oil paints or house paint & a roller for a thick gloss finish – though it would take MUCH longer to dry}
* Silver metal push pins/thumb tacks & hammer to set them

DIY word art step 1

* Print out selected words {use my template if you wish} then carefully cut out the letters. If it’s cursive writing, it’s a bit easier because you don’t have to cut out each letter individually.

DIY word art step 2

* Apply your double stick tape to the back of your letters and . . .

DIY word art step 4

* Arrange & stick them to your canvases.

DIY word art step 6

* Evenly spray paint your canvases including the edges. You will get a bit of overspray in the words, careful not to get too much. If you want cleaner lines, use paint and a paint brush instead.

DIY word art step 7

* Once your paint is dry, remove the letters revealing the white canvas background. If you wish to have a color instead of white, spray paint or brush paint that color on your canvas prior to sticking your letters/words down …then repeat the steps above.

DIY word art step 8 DIY word art step 9

* To finish off the canvases, I used the same metal thumb tacks I used on our mini bar …though I didn’t mark the placement out first on these, I just eyeballed it.

spray painting canvases+nailhead+DIY art+ruscha+word art+art with qoutes


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