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pallet day bed


When we began planning the nursery I really wanted a spot I could read with our kids and snuggle with them. Since I won’t be working as much, I have great hopes that maybe every once and a while I could cuddle down for a nap with one of them. So in working on the nursery, I began working on a ‘reading bed’ for us. Granted this will be a great bed for naps and for kids, but it is not designed to be an adult bed. I was inspired by this picture and then made it my own.


Wood pallets (ours a bit smaller than the standard size)

Palm Sander

80 grit, 200 grit sandpaper

5 large caster wheels

4 hinges

Thick foam for the ‘mattress’ – mine is from a fabric store then covered in a down comforter and soft bedding

The instructions are a simple as can be: Sand the pallets good and smooth. Bolt the two together on the tops and bottoms. Add caster wheels to all 4 corners and one in the very center. The wheels on mine are locked, except for the center one. I used an old door to sit behind it – just because I liked how it looked. Simple enough.

Before & After


I began building it when Chris was in Egypt. Before he left he told C to help me out while he was gone. I was in the garage sanding and C said, “Mommy I don’t think you should be doing that. I can do it.” Thus, he had his first experience with a palm sander. He did a great job. My dad helped me attach the hinges and wheels. Thanks dad.


The quilt was made by my Aunt Sandy, the monkey was mine when I was a little girl, the pillows are from Amy Butler fabric and the white blanket is from Ikea…

Thanks Sandy for the quilt! My mom made the cute stacking rings in the basket by the bed. Yes, I come from a great family.



A few close up shots. I choose not to sand all the markings off the pallets. The last shot is a reflection, not a framed picture.

I also need to thank Tom & Weston for finding me pallets and delivering them. Those suckers were heavy. Thank you!

Now I just need a sweet baby girl to cuddle up with on it….

Eventually I’ll get pictures of the rest of the room posted…


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